What if an item is missing accessories, parts, or a manual?

First, check the details in the product description again on Ancheer.shop to make sure it is supposed to have what you think it should.

If you’re really missing something, please contact us, and here’s how we’ll handle it:

a. Give us your order number and the product code.

b. If the missing part or accessory is hard to describe, please provide a photo or refer to a similar product photo on ancheer.shop.

c. If we confirm something is missing, we’ll have our customer representative contact you.

If a key part of your product is missing on delivery, here is how we can solve the problem for you:

a.Contact us first with your order number and product code; we will help to clarify which part is missing.

b. For major, expensive, and integral parts, we may need to follow it up as “lost/stolen in delivery”.

c. If the missing accessory or part is small and can be bought conveniently, we will most likely negotiate with you to reach a solution (in the form of a refund or by other means) conducive to both sides.

d. If the missing part or accessory is integral and important, we will resend it unconditionally.

Some of Ancheer’s products are supposed to ship with a manual, but…

Sometimes, the manual just isn’t sufficient, and you need more help with the product. Sometimes, we make a mistake, and the manual was not put in the bo. Sometimes, the product is new, and the manufacturer’s manual is so necessary, we take it out to use it ourselves! Sometimes the manufacturer thought they were only selling this product in China, so there is no manual.

Here’s how we’ll help:

a. Contact us with your order number and the product code. Explain that there is a missing manual or explain what aspect of the product’s function you need help with. 

b. If a manual was omitted accidentally, we’ll give you a link where you can download it.

c. If the product has no manual, chances are that we are already working on making one ourselves, and we’ll send that to you when it’s done.

Currently, we only offer English manuals for all our products.

If there is something wrong with delivery due to customs

Usually, when you import goods from Ancheer, the packet will be inspected by your local customs office.

There is usually no reason to worry because:

a. Ancheer provides all the necessary paperwork for your shipment;

b. In most countries, it is relatively easy to import most kinds of consumer electronics;

c. The actual process of customs clearance is usually completely handled by the delivery company (FedEx, DHL, etc);

d.  If there is any duty (import tax) or other charge to pay, the courier will usually pay it first and deliver the products to you, and you will pay the costs later.