26 inch Woman Elegant City Electric Bike with Carrier EU Plug

*Ancheer Electric Bike






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    •     Material: aluminum alloy
    •     Color: Black
    •     Size: 172 x 105 cm / 67.7 x 41.3 inches
    •     Power: 250W
    •     Battery: 36V 8A
    •     Normal road: 25-28 km / h
    •     Type: Great Britain, EU
    •     Gender: women
    •     Occasion: outdoors
    •     Quantity: Kit

        Operation manual:

        To turn the e-bike system on / off, press and hold the button for 2 seconds.
        The default value is "Low" Pedal Assist.
        Press "+" again to enter the pedal assist level "Mid".
        Press "+" again to get the pedal assist level "High".
        "High" is the maximum power of PAS.
        Fully electric function (pure electric mode):
        Press "-" until all three "Low" "Mid" "High" indicators are off.
        Please read the manual carefully before using the product.
        Keep the battery out of the reach of children.
        Never try to open the battery.
        If the battery is damaged because it has been dumped somewhere or because of a bicycle accident, there is a risk that electrolytes will leak. Beware of chemical burns! Immediately stop using a damaged battery.
        Do not touch the battery without a cloth or gloves and take care that no acid touches your eyes.

        Package contents:

        1 x Tool (open-end spanner13-15, open-end spanner14-17, screwdriver, inner hexagon spanner M6, M5, M4)
        1 x manual
        1 x charger
        1 x battery
        1 x pedal
        1 x Reflector
        1 x e-bike

    Special Gift

    1 x Waterproof Non-Slip Cycling Gloves