ANCHEER 16 Inch Wheel 250W Folding City Commuter Electric Bike AMA5639


If you’re looking for a folding e-bike for short commutes, this Ancheer upgraded folding bike is an excellent option. It’s an ideal way to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Compared to the bike or scooter without pedals in the market, you can ride when the battery is out. Don’t worry when out of battery! It’ll keep you fit, save the costs of running a car, and also protects the environment.


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E-Bike Ridding Operation

Insert the key into the battery and turn on the power switch.

Within one cadence of the pedals the motor kicks in. At this point, you can choose to stop pedaling and use the throttle to control the speed. If you stop using the throttle for more than 30 seconds, turn it off automatically. Once again, you need to pedal one cycle by feet, the machine to start work.

Removable Battery

With the 36V 8Ah Lithium-Ion battery, you can travel 15 miles – 30miles on one charge. You can charge the battery on/off the e-bike at your convenience. No worry about being stolen.

Collapsible Frame for Easy Storage

Its folding design allows you to easily store and transport your bike.

If you plan to put your e-bike in a car trunk or you plan to carry it onto the bus or train, then an Ancheer upgraded folding e-bike is likely in your future.

High-Quality Material for Commuting or Off-Road Adventures

You don’t like to limit your rides to one kind of terrain. Rail trails, gravel, city streets, back roads, bike paths—you want to ride it all! You’re looking to expand your horizons with an e-bike so you can ride farther and faster and explore more of the world around you.

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